The page on my life & work
02 September 2007 - After reworking nearly all the code in the whole site. Nothing much has changed at all, I'm happy to say, The site does look a bit better I think, but the biggest changes took place behind the scenes: it's all a lot leaner and meaner than it was.
Meanwhile the Ricoh GX100 I bought recently turns out to perform like a little gem. The camera has hardly been out of my hands since I bougth it early July. My conclusion so far? I could do just about any human interest assignment with this camera alone. If you can't register people or animals intimitely with this camera, chances are you can't do it with anything else.
02 March 2007 - Last Tuesday, the 27th of February, at 17.36h, Lara Madelief van Gelderen

was born. This explains the lack of updates of my Picture of the Day.
Rest assured though: the photo's have been made, and they will be up.
Just like all those digital photographers out there, I can't resist the urge to take snapshots of the pets (when I found my girlfriend Liz, she turned out to be a package deal, including a dog and a cat). I'm guessing it will be the same with the kid. So, expect some homely photography in the near future!


07 January 2007 - First of all, I want to wish you all the best for 2007. And straight off, would also like to apologize for the lack of new posts on this site. I have been really busy with a new job, moving house to live with my girlfriend, aswell as preparing for the arrival of a child. No doubt, you will see how this would distract from something as trivial as a weblog. In all this, I'm happy to say, I did manage to post my daily photographs; it turns out to be a strong routine indeed.
People who have been regular visitors over the past four years, may have noticed the odd black-and-white picture, but all and all they you probably will agree my photographs tend to make a rather heavy use of the color dimension of the medium. I like taking pictures of colorfull people and things. You only need to take a look at my pictures from Mexico and India to see what I mean. Recently though, I have switched to black and white; I restricted myself to shapes, forms, structures and content. So, no more eye-candy, I'm afraid.
Well, at least as long as the weather stays as damp en somber as it is at the moment. Once the light returns, or if I get a chance to travel to sunnier places, I will return to color photography. Besides, nothing stops me from switching my trusted C8080 back to color mode the moment a great color moment presents itself - so don't be surprised of I sin against my own restrictions.
I just made a, somewhat belated I admit, new years resolution to try and post more. But posts or no posts, keep watching this space, visually it will be worth your while.

30 April 2006 - Regular visitors might have noticed it: the advertisement popup has gone! I had to switch from WebStats4U (formerly known as NedStat) to StatCounter to get rid of it. That is a shame for the loss of my statistical continuity, but it had to be done.
By the way, the counter at the bottom of the page keeps track of the number of unique visitors instead of page loads - which it used to do. Basically, it's a mess. But hey, it's just numbers! And who's counting anyway.
26 April 2006 - Every now and then I Google myself, to see whether I made it yet.
As of this afternoon the query "wim van gelderen" in results in 500 hits. The first page and a bit of those concern my person!
But further down there's loads more interesting pages.
As you might have noticed, that photographer is, indeed, me. But I am not the designer of the table and chair on the left. Acitve in sports I am too. The climber that's me again, there is no dennying that. And I am pretty sure the footballer is my cousin and name sake. But I have no idea who the tennisser, the motor sports guy and the judoka are. Hard to resist having a peak at that judo tournament they have named after me.
Although it is true I was a teacher at the University of
Amsterdam a while back, I am not this teacher in Arnhem, who appears to be just as popular with his students as I was back then. Finally, I had already noticed I know quite a bit about a lot of things - I wouldn't be keenping that science blog if I didn't - but I had no idea I was a specialist in medical logistics. Since I doubt this particular instance of Wim van Gelderen is still alive, I have to conclude I appear to have died at least once.
You learn al lot about yourself through Google!
10 March 2006 - The last couple of weeks I've been working on a new website. It's in Dutch so I wont bother you with the details. Let's just say it will be up and running shortly, and it will have everything to do with one of my favourite hobbies - science.
All this activity has somewhat distracted me from my tasks over here at At least as far as new text entries are concerned; the pictures kept coming, of course.

30 January 2006 - As of today, is has entered it's fourth season. Or put differently, today this site celebrates it's third birthday! Three continuous years on the internet and over a thousand Pictures of the Day published, is more of a result than I ever expected of this project. The one thing it didn't bring me, is (steady) work and income. It has been fun anyway. And who knows what the next two years will bring...
To all of you visitors out there - especially the people who drop in on something of a regular basis - I extend a hearty thank you! Because, in the end, you make it worthwhile. Without an audience (however small) my Picture of the Day would reside in that same twilight zone where we find one hand clapping, a falling tree in a deserted forest, and Schrödinger's poor cat.
Of course I will stop short of attributing to you the collapsing my wave function. But you, the public, do have a voice - be it a simulated one in my head - in that daily proces of picking my Picture of that Day. And it wouldn't be the same without it!
So thank you, and keep watching this space!

11 January 2005 - Still thoroughly jetlagged, I today copied to my harddisk the pictures I brougth from a month in Mexico and two days in New York. Don't be disouraged by todays picture - the one I took (sort of reluctantly) a few hours after arriving in grim, wintery Amsterdam. As of later today this site will become a colourful, tropical, happy place.
First I have to sleep some more... Oh, and have a happy 2006.
20 November 2005 - Well, here we are! the 1000th Picture of the Day! Complete with a party balloon and all. And to celebrate this occassion, I redecorated. Hope you like it. Of course it is not all finished yet (the picture of the day slideshow in the main window does not work smooth as of yet, and the calender I wanted isn't there yet, but I'll keep at it and you can expect further enhancement and additions in the coming weeks.
So keep watching this space.
14 November 2005 - Things might seem somewhat quiet lately here at Don't let that deceive you. Last week I have been putting a lot of hours into designing a new interface for the website. The current look and feel developed out of the first rough sketches I made for And after nearly three years and nearly a thousand Pictures of the Day it is about time for something fresh. Besides, the site is getting pretty bulky, and things are starting to come apart at the seems, somewhat; I can't but do something about that anyway.
Hopefully these redocorations will be at a publishable state in less than a week's time. This Saturday night I wil be publishing the 1000th Picture of the Day. this seems a great occasion for presentating the new look.
So, keep watching this space!
30 September 2005 - You might have noticed some complications in reaching this site or at least parts of it. Utterly and solely on behalf of Chello/UPC I bow my head very deeply en offer you my humblest of apologies for this situation.
Earlier this week the connections in my area were completely lost for nearly two days. Halfway thru the week they - without notice - assigned new dns-addresses across the board. In oher words they saw no other way out but to reset the bloomin' lot.
Anyways, over at the provider's everything seems to be hooked up again, and I did a site wide dns-number search-and-replace. I'm guessing everything is back within your grasp again. So, as always: Enjoy!
31 August 2005 - Starting today, this site will feature an RSS-feed. This is a test! And although I think it works reasonably well, It will, no doubt, be a while before it operates smoothly.
Early october follow up: the feed appears to be functioning properly; the exception being the auto detection part, which fails to work at all, it seems. Your advice would be most welcome!
11 August 2005 - Yes! My cast is gone! Four weeks earlier than I expected. O, happy day!
01 August 2005 - I've been giving the site another overhaul just now - that's the second one this year.
In case you are wondering: most of this site I made myself. I designed and developed it, I wrote all the copy, and I made most of the photographs, I made the logo's too. The icons I stole and adapted. (The little climber, for instance, I took from a German site, the address of which I have long forgotten.) I wrote most of the html code. The java code was almost entirely developed by others or software generated; here and there I did some editing. will never be finished, of course - although there will, no doubt, come a time I will no longer update it. In the mean time I hope it will get ample opportunity to evolve along with the times and me. Needless to say you are more than welcome to keep track of this work-in-progress.
09 May 2005 - If you can read this, the database trouble (I'm guessing that's what it was) my domain provider (DomeinBank)was experiencing, has been cured. And Chello isn't messing things up for a change.
I do appolgize for any inconvenience caused by my site not being online.

29 April 2005 - It's been over two weeks since my last post. One major cause for this is a crashed hard drive. I'd lost about all my pictures of the last four or so months! I've been having a heck of a time recovering them, and I have managed rescue just about all of them.
Only thing is, I ahve ende up with 4.000 jpg's split in two; one file, 4kb in size, containing the header and another file containing the actual picture. Not working on Unix, I haven't managed two glue them back together so far. If anyone can lend a hand at all, I would really appreciate it.

Beter nieuws, and another cause for the lack of new entries, was a new photo assignment. I've been shooting some pictures for Staatsbosbeheer, the Dutch forestry service. There will be a link to this in the future no doubt.
Meanwhile the pictures I made for Terra, the magazine published by the Netherlands Society for Nature and Environment.

26 March 2005 - There is just no escaping the log like structure of a website like this.That is why, from now on, I will be entering anything noteworthy here first, before moving the items on to the specialized sub-pages (via the icons on the left) on climbing. photography, music, science, news and media, the backsite of the web, or the page on my life and work.

21 March 2005 - Frequent visitors will have noticed some changes over the last weeks. Big changes they were not; some of them were hardly even noticeable. But however slight their seperate effects, the cumulative effect, I hope, is considerable. There is, as ever, more work ahead (how about those secundary pages, mate?).
But I like the sleaker look for the coming season. Enjoy!

16 March 2005 - A memorable day! And not just because of the onset of spring weather! Today I got my first paid-for photographic assignement. May there be many more...
This first goes to Terra, the new magazine published by the Netherlands Society for Nature and Environment.
No doubt you will be hearing more about this.
19 February 2005 - On the 18th the Photo of the Day celebrated it's second birthday. Leave it to me not to make a big deal out of it. This does not mean I don't care! I consider it a mile stone of some import!
Would be silly to stop now...
02 January 2005 - Celibrating the new year was hard work - as usual. It took a full day to recover somewhat. Nevertheless, I would like to wish everybody all the best for 2005!
And for those who didn't get my my card: here it is (without the words)...

April 2004 - I've been retouching the interface, but it's mostly done now; so glitches should be down to the usual level again. There is some work still going in slide show departement - so expect some improvements there!
I've been concentrating on getting my carreer as an editor, author and photographer lately. Most of the stuff I added to this page in the last couple of days therefore is work related. And since they happen to be articles and the like, they are all in Dutch, I'm afraid.
Which isn't to say I would refuse commissions in the English language. I happen to think I could do that too. (For contacting details, have a look at my cv.) I don't think I write like a native speaker; I'm too internationally minded for that.

Of course there is always the daily installment of new pictures. And in the near future I will be installing a new batch of pictures from India I will be installing shortly... So, if you have to go already, make sure you come back soon!

24 February 2004 - Well, I'm back from India. And I will be publishing the pictures I made shortly.
Meanwhile, here is a shout for help to my friends in Bijapur!?
To the guys at the computer course who helped me put my photo's on cd. Thanks again, lads! Nearly all the pictures made it to Amsterdam perfectly - except for three of them. (The cd got scratched on the way home.)
Good thing is: you kept a copy of the pictures!
Please guys, mail me. I would really like to have the missing three pictures.

23 January 2004 - Shortly this site will go and hybernate. This will coincide with my departure for India. After my return I will dig up the whole site and start a-fresh.

By the time I return will be about a year old. One thing is for sure: it has become something of a photosite. (Weird word that!)
I will try and give some signs of life among the way.

Meanwhile it happens to be my second trip - another birthday - with my Digilux 1. The coming trip should some how be an exam. If I pass it, I might go for a change of carreer.

See you soon...