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27 November 2009 - So I made it to a concert again. In Paradiso. The Black Heart Procession. Very sympathetic people, fine music. It resulted in one good photo. For a larger version, click the image and see my pop photo's.
05 September 2006 - This site has a music page. I must admit it has become
the gossip somewhat derelict. Last year I didn't even manage one entry. Not that I don't get out at all - I do make it to the occassional club or concert or festival. But I never buy cd's anymore and I am to lazy to be downloading all the time. I listen to internet radio on a daily basis. But I must confess there isn't a lot that really excites me these days. I seem to have hard it all or most of it before. There is nothing new out there. Put differently: I am old and a bit blasé.
Nertheless, here's a listening tip, or rather a concert tip: the Gossip.
British, raunchy and super funky. Nothing new - just revisiting thirty years of dance, from disco to the present.
At least it is a lot more catchy and much more danceable than all these stuck-up eighties revival bands combined.
20 October 2005 - It's not too often that I dish out musical advice on So, if I do, you better prick up your ears. My tip: is Noah's Ark byCoCoRosie. Noah's Ark in this case houses the haunting voices of Bianca and Sierra Casady, gothically framed by utterly magical soundscapes. For those of you who can appreciate a good radio play and are not afraid of some musical adventure.
But don't take my word for it, go and have a listen to a stream of the entire album.
02 September 2005 - Katrina has some unexpected after effects. For instance: I expect no one who witnessed these events can ever listen to I'm walking on sunshine by Katrina and the Waves again without being remind of this dissaster
And there where people emerging from New Orleans who, I was quite certain, had died years ago. On CNN I first heard that Fats Domino was missing, and I later saw him being rescued. Quite a come back for somebody I presumed dead since the mid-nineties!
29 August 2005 - Here's a link for your amusement. Somewhere between the realms of music, metal work and kitsch we find Dave and his artisanal aluminum workings. The guitars this guy crafts, don't even bother to keep up the semblance of good taste. Just aswell they are as expensive as they are glitsy.
Go feast your eyes!
11 June 2005 - Found a righteously nice music link for you: Secret Sound Service's groovy internet radio station.
01 March 2005 - Last saturday there was a big party at the Café Pakhuis Wilhelmina. The occasion being it's one year existence. I was there, and had my camera with me. Here's a series of photos of the party, with special attention for a gig by Malle Pietje (which roughly translates to Ludicrous little Pete) and the Bimbos... If you want blonde and rough.
11 February 2005 - LCD Soundsystem's first album hit the markets on January 24th - and man,

LCD Soundsystem - [no title]

is it a beautifull piece of work! Besides at only fourteen or fifteen euro's for two action packed cd's it's bloody cheap too! Go buy it!

Click on the pic of the sleeve for a sample of all the songs on the album...

17 January 2005 - Hot from Holland: hidden aural niceties by Siebe Thissen...

November 2004 - Yes, pop has eaten itself.
And at the moment it's shitting itself out rather nicely too.

End of August 2004 - Been very busy recently. So I was glad I could get away for one of the best popfestivals in Europe. Took the camera of course. So here is my
a Campingflight to Lowlands 2004 - Photo Top40...

(Yes the jetlag has subsided nicely by now, thank you.)

Seen these bands there and decided they are da bomb:
The Bays everything live, everything honest, everything non-commercial
LCD-soundsystem new superband from New York and - whaddayareckon - very eclectic
Some good stuff, as bought in 2004
Rhythm & Sound - the versions dZihan & Kamien - 'Gran Riserva Oi Va Voi - Laughter Through Tears Client
somewhere in 2003 - A permanent hot tip!
The Troublemakers - Doubts & Concvictions