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23 May 2006 - Here's some 21st century language for ya: 'I had to go back, because I forgot my memory'.
30 September 2005 - Yet another follow-up to the war porn story (see below). According to the BBC, the US army thinks there has been enough of the investigating already. They find no proof whatsoever these are American soldiers doing the posting, nor is there any evidence the people depicted are indeed Afghani or Iraqi war victims.
This is one of those rare occassions on which the Army would prefer something to die quietly, it seems.
29 September 2005 - The NowThatsFuckedUp-article of September 25, about those soldiers posting the fruits of their labour on the internet, gets a follow-up. The Council on American-Islamic Relations find it "disgusting" and wrote a letter of protest to Rumsfeld. The American army is investigating this, as the Pentagon calls it, "unacceptable practise".
The said forum at NowThatsFuckedUp is still up and running.
25 September 2005 - Every now and then the net offers up material that brings you to the realization that it is a good the internet is here to make this material visible, but you would just aswell not have seen it at all. One such site is, and specially it's section containing pictures from Iraq and Afghanistan. NowThatsFuckedUp seems to have started out as a site on which people exchange pictures of their partners, in other words: an amateur porn site. Of more recent date is the forum in which (American) soldiers post photos and videos of their adventures in the countries in which they happen to be stationed. It will come as no suprise when I tell you this concerns pictures for which you need quite a stomach - you are warned! deserves and gets a spot in my top 10 of the most rancid websites. You can find this list on the Backsite of (click on the toilet on the left).
This top 10 was an idea from the distant past, which I hadn't kept updated. Inspection showed it contained some dead links. Since a list like this, as people like to point out, has no place on a serious website, this might seem a good opportunity to remove it altogether. But I have grown attached to some of these old ideas, and decided to keep the list and bring it up-to-date.
I hope it will, at least, be interesting. And, once again, you are warned.
28 March 2005 - A fitting addition to the backsite, this link to Santa Fé based artist Michael Shippling's page. What an intruiging buch of nonsense!
January 19, 2005 - In a way it's too pretty to make it into my Rancid 10, but I admitted it anyway. And I am sorry for not asking them first whether I could use this photo. But let's be realistic here: this page can't get around mentioning these fucking machines! (Sadly it's restricted to - paying - members only...)
25 November 2004 - Someone sold a piece of bread with the virgin Mary on it for a loddadough. And here's a follow up on Ebay: Jezus Christus on a piece of toast! And make your own!
You figure it out!